Monday, 21 November 2011

A stormtrooper goes to a psychiatrist.....

sale of chicken murder funny shop sign in arabic
Rainy Monday so did the obvious thing, go to buy a laptop for Grandad. His challenge about my height is still fresh in my mind so since the end of school today I have had:
1 Jelly, 2 bowls of custard, pie & chips with broccoli + cucumber, 1 large avocado, yogurt, freedom of the chocolate box and hiccups. buying a new laptop and starter pack
giant 3d hdtv flatscreen plasmaAnyway, so we drove up to a well-known computer dispensary of undoubted reputation where they had the world of PCs to choose from. They had some very funny giant TVs, I liked the HDTV PVC LCD Plasma Wide Flat 3D one that was bigger than me, see the lady with the shiny ear. On one a load of soldiers were answering a call of duty of some sort and so I spent some time being a secret agent stormtrooper hiding amongst the satnavs and blank DVDs, shooting at both imaginary enemy soldiers and the idle staff members. I wanted to take the TV home but he said if I was saving up for a Lego set I couldn't lash out £1100 on a telly.
Then, duty over, I had to answer a call of nature instead. You just can't get the measure of a place unless you've crapped in the staff toilets.
In the end Bud bought a laptop with starter pack in a little suitcase. The nice young SalesGirlie let me take the little suitcase while he took the expensive bit.
Jof is buying me some new trousers online. The leg length is fine but I have to have adjustable waist ones because I have the waist of a starving lizard. And no, the lizard can't have it back.
Incidentally the San Pedro cacti auction listing (see a few days ago) has been deleted by Ebay as it is against their Naughty Things Policy. So we're stuck with them. What is the world coming to, when I get to be President of Earth I'll show them.....

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