Tuesday, 29 November 2011

If at first you fail dismally

surfing on a shipping containerfunny menu fried slobbering bullfrogQuite a dismal day, lucky it's nice and warm in school. It was exceedingly windy and drizzly so at pickup time we went straight home with horizontal rain hitting us in the faces. I'd heard a whisper in my shell-like from a fridge'n'freezer down the Elephant about where I could lay my hands on some Crunk Juce. But it was 'orrible so it'll have to wait. It'll still be there tomorrow. Today I had a new song (with associated dance) which, like the old Skol favourite, has only one word, oft repeated - "Ally-loolia". I think it's something to do with when ErinsMum had those bad samosas.
We had a new load of cardboard so restarted the box project with high hopes and a large coffee. This time it all went to plan (the same plan, but with larger numbers) and in meedle of no time, we had it licked. Those babies could survive a short trip on a long boat, me old China. Anyhoo, here's me surfing the light fantastic on something that's got more needles than that Nicaraguan designer clothes sweatshop I worked in back in '52.
Scampi and fish tonight, I had more marine meat than anyone. But I was put off stealing Jof's broccoli stalk because she'd covered it in garlic butter. So I had Pringles instead. It's now exactly 1 month until next measuring day (hope I've grown) and therefore my 6th birthday. I can drive buses, vote on the UN security council and marry Erin and Pops at that age, right?

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