Wednesday, 2 November 2011

FireStorm: the opening artillery barrage

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Jof dropped me off at school and promptly left for Sussex. Nanna is having a scan and Jof will stay the night and come back tomorrow. Apparently during the scan itself, Nanna will have to stay still for an hour so the big machine can take the picture. I hope they know they'll have to wire her jaw shut or that bit will be blurry.
Anyway, tonight is Giant Fireworks Night at Cosham, let's hope it doesn't rain.
cosham firework display 2011firework mortar and bonfireThe firestorm has been cancelled. Had a second hot supper as I seem to do when I've had early tea at someone else's house. It's just no good trudging up to Cosham and standing in a field of mud while the brave Gunpowder Technicians try to light damp wicks in the rain.  
Damp squib yes: and yet... it's stopped.....
Suddenly I changed my mind and we left the house. Forced routemarch to Fratton railway station (use your piggy-back father here) and got on a train that got us to Cosham with ten minutes to spare. Recoiled in horror at the prices of the lighty-up things (£5) and walked all the way around the arena to the IBM side where gaps between spectators of up to 5 feet could be had.
chinese made LED toyThe bonfire started slowly due to the recent rain but the suddenly clear night was ideal for the firework display. It was very loud and the big hospital is only just over the road, you wonder whether this son et lumiere extravaganza was the last sight for many elderly cardiac patients, and the first sight for many newborns.
There were; ghost wizzers, coloured sparklers, thumping mortars, anti-aircraft fire and stars of all nations. We got to see all of it with no howling babies nearby. At the end we found the lighty-up thing sellers again but the prices hadn't dropped like last year, we got a multicoloured strimmer for £4 and lit our way home with it. I called it my Wonder Mungle Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) and with it will unlock the secrets of the cosmos. A train arrived for me specially and I was in bed for 9pm.

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