Friday, 25 November 2011

A streaker runs through it

to be continued funny signYesterday we delivered a bag of shirts to Ben. Unusual, yes, but logical. We'd bought them for a pittance at the bankruptcy firesale of High Street brand store "Woolworths" along with some shoes which I have enjoyed wearing. But the shirts are blue. I go to a yellow and green school, but Ben goes to a blue school so he now has the benefit of several starchy-collared smart shirts with extra long shirt-tails for those sticky moments.
My temporary new lunchbag (pirates) was acceptable today. I await the new ultra-mature new-new lunchbag, pirates may be out of fashion by next week.
Today I got 4/6 in the spelling test. So: not good enough, but definitely better. I have avoided the cat'o'nine tails (Sellafield special) and will only get the cane.
Today a nice lady with tattoos bought our tallest cacti for £100. We therefore have to make a box about 5 feet long for the courier. No: for the cacti. The courier will be driving the truck, he won't be in the box.
I'm sure that now his ship has come in, that giant lego set is all but mine.
Swimming was great, only 3 students today so lots of teacher-time. I learned to jump in like a banana. We were not previously aware that bananas were amphibious.

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