Sunday, 27 November 2011

Super-duper wave alert

bespoke shipping container for columnar cactiIn the morning we started work on the shipping box for the giant cacti. Because of all the castles, coffins and houses we've made out of cardboard, we're really good at it. I did measuring, he did cutting. There's even a special stiffener in the middle to stop it twisting. I wanted to get in it but I'm just the wrong shape.
After a brief supermarket-related detour, it was time for the main treat of the day - a trip to the Pyramids centre. We got to the new soft playzone at 220 and it was quiet so all 3 of us investigated the new structure. It's smaller than a lot of these places I've visited but it had all the right components and a bonus ball-blower, it can suspend 3 ballpit balls in mid air but I tried to swamp it. After a while everyone else left and we had the place to ourselves. I had invited the rest of the Piddlers but they were all busy so I had nobody to boss around. So we went downstairs and got our money's worth with a 2 hour stint in the pool. I've been doing swimming lessons so I was keen to put that into practice: I beetled around the entire complex in my rubber ring which eventually developed a puncture and had to be binned.
soft play area at pyramids centre southseaThe green waterslide was broken but the room wasn't crowded so we queued up for the blue one and got half a dozen descents in, and 2 normal wave alerts. Eventually it was time for Super Wave Alert.
double bouncy slide in soft play facilityThe normal waves are slow and gentle and regular, and it's suitable for all ages as long as you've got a tall person holding you up. But Super Wave Alert is different. It happens half an hour before the end. All the lifeguards come and stand around the deep end and when it starts up, it's a different shape. Instead of regular up-and-down, it goes side to side so big diamond-shaped mountains of water travel across the pool, and the waves are much bigger. The showoff teenagers gather along the side where the waves are biggest, and the best place is in the corner under the waterslide. The water has nowhere else to go apart from upwards. It means if your bikini top isn't fully secured, it can undergo catastrophic torsion failure, as some of those youths found out. I of course was still in my rubber ring so floated up with the water and was nearly ejected from the pool and over the wall. That's when the lifeguard said I had to move away from that bit. I went right back in again and cackled and hooted until the wave alert finished.
For 3 1/2 hours of watery fun my reward was Deep Blue fish and chips.

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