Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dirty days hath November

powerful toilet jets bidet
Came home singing a new song: "Who stole the cookie". Everyone sits around in a circle; one stands up and the villagers denounce him thus: "You stole the cookie". The accused posts a plea of not guilty and makes treacherous counter-accusations against another seated member of the jury. That person is then cross-examined in similar fashion and the finger of suspicion moves around the room in a witch-hunt frenzy until the final contestant is forced to admit that they did, indeed, steal the cookie and has to repent of all his sins while undergoing terrible torture, no doubt.
They always said I was the boy that took the biscuit.
Apparently today, across the sea, the Americans are giving thanks for turkey dinosaurs.
I demanded a new lunchbag today because the current one (Handy Manny) has ... pictures for younger people on it and my peer group call me baby at lunchtime. This is intolerable.
After school he made me do spelling and the book comprehension homework about fruit skins.
cutting and sticking boxmaking art projectHonestly, if I never see another word in my life it'll be too soon. The whole process took an hour! When he said I had to do it before any TV, I howled and bubbled and screekled like a baby. But in the end I got 5/6 on the mock test, let's see what I get tomorrow on the real one.
I've started to use mnemonics of my own, spelling queue with "Q you-ee, you-ee" a precursor to Lame Zebras Piss Down Drains, the good 'ol mnemonic for the 5 stages of meiosis prophase 1, ie Leptotene, Zygotene, Pachytene, Diplotene and Diakinesis. Ah, happy days.
When Jof got home we started the enormous boat project. Not sure yet whether it'll be an enormous boat or an enormous project comprising many boats. The egg box ("Big & British") sounds familiar. I'm sure I've seen a film like that.....

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