Thursday, 3 November 2011

Roll snake eyes: roll again

I don't want to be wrong funny engrish sign
Bud took me to school today so I was on time. He even brought his bike so my book bag and lunchbag got a free lift on the handlebars.
Jof picked me up fresh from her trip to nanna's although because a bottle of beer had exploded on her in Sainsbury's, her foot was wet.
Did lots of lego with Jof and then spelling homework with Bud. I got upset that he helped me. Then I got upset that he didn't. In the end I burst into tears when he wouldn't believe that the word 'wheel' does not have 3 Es, an A and 2 Ls. In the same way as Bobert when he insisted that his school did not use the letter i and a dozen others, I claimed that I was writing in a language the teacher would not understand. Apparently this was unacceptable. Jof changed me into my pyjamas for an instant supperless bed and I changed my mind. I'm still working my way through my pumpkin-shaped bucket of sweetie plunder from Monday.
Here's a bonus video from the fireworks, one of the quieter sequences but fun nonetheless.

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