Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sand in your pants: aggravating aggregate

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Where was I in 1963 when I heard? I think I was in Covent Garden queueing up for the Beatles' second album but it was a foggy time for me. The day started well for Jof when she accidentally had 2 showers.
Straight out of school Erin couldn't come to ours because she had a Lucy but never mind. Instead we walked through a drizzly park to the Traveller's Joy Public House (deceased) and watched the un-builders walking around on the half-demolished walls.
travellers joy public alehouse being demolishedThey looked quite concerned at the way I poked my face through the fence and tried to see what they were doing, but they don't know just how qualified I am at scrambling through badlands. There was a big digger destroying the back of the expired pub and we could see the ex-staircase and the toilets, now sadly bereft of life. We wanted to ask them for the old pub sign hanging off the side of the 1 remaining outer wall but we knew that Jof would tell us off for bringing home rubbish.
portsmouth tavern being knocked downPiece of local history, I'd say. In the end we left them to their un-building (when I grow up, I want to be an un-builder) and on the way back, Ben hooted at us as he drove past. I guess he was going to see the Pub-killers as well. Now it's kicked the bucket, that's a venue the PuddleDaddies won't get wobbly in again, due to it pushing up the daisies.

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