Friday, 13 May 2011

Turkey basters at dawn

starship enterprise fail
Blogger has been offline all day so I haven't been able to do this properly, in fact it's still not back on track, so this is a shot in the dark hoping we've got the dates right and a 2 week wait to see if it's worked.
After school we went into town and bought me another magic trick from the joke shop to replace the one that LittleMax borrowed permanently. It's the one where you put a pencil in the box, say the magic words "Abracadoobeewoobee" and it's split into 3 bits: then you do it again and it's magically rejoined.
While we were there we found a new (small) swingpark with many boulders: we invented a new game where contestant A leaps from rock to rock and contestant B throws pinecones at him. Bud didn't hit me once but I got him 3 times so ner ner ner to him. We then bequeathed the pinecones to a 3 year-old that was watching with open mouth, lucky he didn't ingest a cone.
Jof went round to the Erins' new house for tea (for tea read gin) but I was already in bed so couldn't go. **** Jof was in fact too late to go having missed the twingety-ping noise of the text arriving then getting accidentally glued to the sofa for 2 hours****
Meanwhile I discussed likely destinations for my first plane journey (insert lottery win here) that mostly seemed to be Yakutsk; Bud was a bit cold on my choice of holiday destination and suggested LA, Orlando or Melbourne.
Tomorrow afternoon is Pub afternoon, I hear bouncy castles and face painting are on offer. Bud asks why he can't have his face painted as well, he's never done it and I've only had it done once so why not eh. There may be an extra charge for his extra long face - perhaps he could go halves with JoniBobsDad who has a lot less facial skin showing - it'd even up.....


  1. As I said to Bud earlier, why does he want his face to look like a well?


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