Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Ich bin heiss für dich

drunk talking to siriThe week of SAT mock examinations continued. We will get our scores at the end of the week, something to look forward to.
lego gynaecologist chairBut once the work was over we once again made our way to the heavily shielded computer core where we worked on our Lego cybernetic world dominators again. We all have our specialist roles and I am Chief Design Engineer.
meon junior school year 6 lego league finalistsThis was a chance to get a group pic and also for me to show my alternative Lego creation which is perhaps half trebuchet, half disabled perambulator with a little bit of scorpionesque gynaecologist's chair thrown in. Not everything has to make sense.
At home the boilerman had turned up at last and was still there fighting with it. Now at last we are hot again and I look forward to a bath.

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