Thursday, 12 January 2017

A Snortle of the White Stuff

bedroom sales sign failGot my order form at school for the next round of the Lego League. It's in Bristol, so a challenging distance, although parents are allowed to help transport kiddies to offset the cost of the private helicopters we'll need.
During Extra-Maths, I had to run to the toilet across the playground because you're not allowed through the classrooms. Then, immediately upon my return, they said can you go and get the SATs question papers from the office, which meant another diagonal scuttle across the asphalt. Because it was hissing it down, the 2 return journeys were enough to soak me through.
After school I took Sham home and we ran because it was raining and I didn't have a hood on my coat so we got soaked again. But the perplexing thing about the precipitation was its relative solidity. At last! Snow!
snowflakes at nightWe haven't seen proper snow since the Week of Ice in January 2010 when our car door froze open and all work was cancelled apart from mine, because the PuddleDuck Day Nursery was still open. Ah, good times, although some of them were a bit cold and we didn't have enough gloves to go round.
Sham and I ate all the chocolate but ignored the grapes, and watched a Youtube video about films where the good guys killed more than the bad guys. Rambo did well in some of his outings, as did John McClane in his. Arnie killed many a rent-a-soldier in Commando and I've heard of Deadpool but not the rest. All good fun.
Speaking of killing, I wonder if all that blowing one's own Trumpet might not be good for a newly arrived politician. And will he end up being killed by his own security detail, like JFK?

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