Monday, 9 January 2017

The Victorious Return

book tilte fail bondageWe were feted today in assembly for having won the Lego League regional cup. But half of the kids thought winning a cup for Lego was silly, and they laughed. I won't be laughing on a morning in February when we have to travel to Bristol for the National Finals so will have to be in school by 0600. The teacher said we could bring a book. I wonder just how long my tablet will hold its charge.
Funnily enough, Bud started a new job today in which he had to fix tablets with an extra battery so they'd hold their charge longer, but these ones were for Bingo.
And Scouts started up again and I had to wear my giant shirt that has to last me 3 years but is still way too big. When we got there, the Cub Scouts were learning knots by tying each other up with lengths of rope, mmm.
I got my 5 years badge and we voted on new activities we wanted to be added to the Scouting calendar such as Paintball and Go-Kart badminton.

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