Friday, 27 January 2017

Swings and Bandicoots

Thank me it's Friday! Anyway, I got 8/10 on the spelling test, getting 'Circumference' right, thanks to Grandad, who we forgot to phone this afternoon.
short sighted dog useless funnyIn PE, it was modern dance again in which we watched 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson: everybody in the class was freaked out by the rhythmic bleeding zombies and free-styling sodding corpses. In literacy we wrote our persuasive letters with drop-in clauses and parentheses and relative clauses (Santa Clauses not available at this time) and further grammatical semantic discussions.
We did our poster for the Battle of Britain topic: mine has a hammer on an idealized table with a corner peeled back to reveal the legend "Work Your Way To The Top" in true Soviet style.
In gardening we weeded and made cloches and planned our compost heap and all our seeds have gotten mouldy over the winter. Therefore we need a fresh batch of seeds and Bud said I've got just the seeds for you, but don't eat the fruits, mmm. I dug up some roots and Child B dug up a daffodil bulb and thought it was a dead rat.

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