Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Seeing Red

hitler costume fancy dress funnyAt last! We have seen the first Red Cards in my class. These new-fangled deterrent devices lead to detention and further scrutiny in case of repeat offending.
Child A got his Red Card for basic straight-up abuse of a teacher. Child B got his for non-stop nattering with every other child in the class, stopping anyone from concentrating because of the babble.
If you know either of these newly convicted criminals, you will know that Child A has a long and loud history of exactly this crime, and Child B, well, him too. So these endorsements have been handed to the right people for the right reasons, in the eyes of the Law.
And we continued our literacy project which is to write persuasive letters to the inhabitants of the street outside our school to ask if they wouldn't mind awfully if we closed the road and had a street party for our 'Battle of Britain' topic. This is the one where we have to dress up as evacuees, needing a costume. My theatre rents out costumes, but instead I forced Jof to trail round the charity shops looking for tatty clothes from the Olden Days.
The boilerman says we need a part, but they all say that.

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