Monday, 23 January 2017

A Fog of Alternative Facts

rear ended car shunt failMostly a normal day with maths and suchlike but the bit I liked the best was Lego. Members of the Lego Team go to the Lego Room in pairs as there's not much space, and Paige and I have been sneaking off together for weeks. But once we'd finished our 45 minute session, the next lot arrived to take over and we had to stay on. Because I am the Master Builder, I needed to make and modify 3 new claws, and Paige is the starter-offerer so she needed to be there to give the spark of life to the Lego Drones as they went about their business, with my new, modified claws attached. So in the end we got an hour and a half Lego-ing!
I suppose the other item of the day was the fog which was thick enough to warrant using my phone light going through the park. Plenty of crashes on the motorway as well, apparently. Our road looked quite funny, reminds me of my days as a Dickensian street waif.
portsmouth fogbound viewAnd so many of the 'Alternative Facts' presented by our newest global celebrity sound familiar in shape and theme. As soon as anybody says anything, he tweets that they're wrong, they're liars out to get him and it's unfair, it wouldn't be that way if he was in charge, they're wrong because I'm right, and so forth. I venture that the Man Trump is not in fact 70 but is a child. Or he has eaten some special untested medicine designed to extend the lifespan but side effects mean he has regressed to a childlike state. As long as he doesn't have access to Twinkies and nuclear weapons we'll be OK.
In Scouts we will be visited by a Paramedic next week so we practised by wrapping ourselves in bandages and making up reasons for our terrible injuries. I have been lacerated by numerous flying shards of glass, and have an exploded ankle.

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