Wednesday, 11 January 2017

That Time of the Month

werewolf bait
underage sex book fail titlescout shop west sussex scouting suppliesQuite a boring day at school apart from all the bad things that happened. We were playing Tag-Rugby in PE which is where you run with the ball and if someone grabs one of the little plastic handkerchief things (tags) you have to dangle from your pockets, you have been tackled, and you have 5 seconds to throw the ball to a team-mate.
Maybe I won't represent my country (or home planet) at Rugby any time soon although I give it a go. But I was put on the Keen Team not the Relaxed Team by mistake and when I dropped a difficult pass they shouted at me.
And I had an argument with a friend in French (in English, but in the French lesson) and broke up with him because he blabbed a sort-of secret that I didn't want him to tell. And in the end, he cried, and later, the secret came up to me and said she quite liked me too so yah boo sucks.
I blame it all on the full moon, these rampaging beasties. Later, we started to design our poster for our next Lego League campaign, maybe Your Country Needs You or the Hang-in-There Kitten. We will also work on the actual Lego, honest. And my new Scouts shirt arrived, thankfully the right size this time and not one that doubles as a tent.

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