Tuesday, 17 January 2017

An Uncommon Endorsement

birdshit looks like bird winLego has made a complete circuit. Originally, it was the gift that you keep being given. For actual years it was pretty well the only thing on my list of evil desires and very easy it was for Santa, too.
flick drummond letter from house of commonsBud used to get me random mini-figures from Tesco and Jof used to get me little motorbike sets and occasionally there'd be a bag of random bits in a charity shop and every xmas and birthday I'd save up all my money and buy a Lego electric train or a Millennium Falcon or Titanic or whatever, and spend hours building it, and nobody had to give me complicated presents, just oodles of money.
But now Lego is the gift that keeps on giving, because following our victory in the Regionals, our Honourable Member of Parliament has sent us a special missive by special messenger to congratulate us personally, paying special attention to our ages, as we are significantly younger than the opposition. It's the first time I've got a letter on House of Commons headed notepaper, apart from the time the Select Committee thanked me for saving the world. And that thing from the Queen doesn't count.

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