Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Little Red Frosticles

road sign funny failNow, because it was the first day back to reality from a chronologically relaxed holiday, I feared the inevitable morning mess-up and reset my own alarm to 0730. For weeks and months I've been getting up at 11 or so, possibly only when my bladder threatened to rupture. And I know some people whose evil alter ego turns off the alarm in the morning, allowing them to go back to sleep. Thus I had dressed, eaten, got my lunch ready and cleaned my teeth etc with 35 minutes to spare, which did mean some time on the tablet but possibly not enough sleep. I have changed it to 0800.
There was ice in the gutters and frost on the ground as I waited for my friend but he didn't show, so I walked to school alone. The reason he didn't show was because he'd turned off his own alarm and was 1/2 an hour late. Gosh, how the teacher shouted.
Today we started our Battle of Britain topic, and in extra-literacy, discussed how we could modify the basic narrative to Little Red Riding Hood to add extra nuances. Child J has gone for 'Little Fat Riding Hood' who eats all the doughnuts destined for Grandma: I might go for a Little Red who doesn't fear the valley of the shadow of wolf because she's the meanest Feather-plucker in the valley.
Later, Jof said I couldn't possibly have pasta for lunch, snack and supper. WRONG!

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