Monday, 2 January 2017

School, Preparatory

Up at the crack of 11, long may this continue. Jof is not feeling well so was content to sit near me on a different sofa while I ignored the outside world, for it occupies a position on the spectrum of reality that does not conform to my cyber-ideals.
entire christmas decorations on one table
But, following the Tinsellectomy, I briefly helped transport boxes of xmas decorations back up to the loft, it's amazing just how much tinsel and twinkly stuff you can scatter around the house when you've got decent-sized rooms. We're going to need to hoover.
Following 2 festive weeks of nothingness, I have to return to school tomorrow. The panic was short-lived as it seems we'd already got my PE kit and school rucksack ready last month, and after-school club doesn't start yet and there was no homework, so I did a thank-you letter to Grandad and my work was done. Jof gave up and coughed her way back to bed and I'm going to have to set an alarm tomorrow. Hint: 'Stollen' is not so much a cake as a sugary doorstop. Just saying.

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