Sunday, 22 January 2017

Right in the Popsocket

A nice late start but straight onto the tablet for the usual. I get angry when torn from the cyber-teat that gives me succour but even I know the homework won't do itself. But I can't remember which is a pseudo-co-ordinating subjunction and which is a subordinating preposterous conjunction, and the parents didn't have to learn this stuff ever, just learn to speak English, so no help there. I got subordinating conjunctivitis.
mandala popsocket for mobile phonePops and Erin have got these things called popsockets attached to their phones which are little mushrooms that stick on the back and wedge between your fingers so now you don't even have to hold your phone as you wander around with your head in another world. Does popsocket sound rude to you too?
So woo-boy next door spent all day going woo woo woo crashpoptinkle, and I fidget and snort while on the tablet so Jof got grumpy and went swimming instead. This gave me the chance to play Minecraft while listening to Dinosaurs of Rock III on Youtube.

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