Thursday, 5 January 2017

Doing the Spitfire Boogie

school project telephoneA pretty normal day with a maths test, spelling test, some literacy and so forth. Having finished with Goldilocks, I have now moved onto Little Red Riding Hood and have modified her into being a spiteful spoilt brat of a child, complaining and moaning, slamming doors and failing to care. Where I get the inspiration for this horrible character is anyone's guess. One skill she does possess is deadly anti-wolf knife-throwing, although the knife in question is a butter knife she usually uses to scratch graffiti into the walls.
And we did some more on the Battle of Britain. As part of this, we watched a Youtube video by the Horrible Histories people on CBBC (kids TV) which dishonours the entire war effort with a dreadful song and dance in front of a Spitfire, which would have turned in its grave if it had one.
battle of britain spitfire songSome of our classmates requested a re-run so they could leap about once more like mead-soaked medieval minstrels playing Perkin Warbeck's Manic Madrigals. Their cavorting was so loud, it was only when I replayed the video for this picture I found out about Douglas Bader, a man with fewer than the average number of legs.
Walked home with Okely-Dokely, something I shall do a lot more often now that Bud has a new place to work.

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