Tuesday, 10 January 2017

You Gotta Hold on Me

child abuse sex fail bookTold Jof off again for not getting up when her alarm went off. So what that she'd spent half the night coughing and needed the sleep, and that it's her day off today, mere details.
The most interesting thing at school today was a kid in Year 5 who got some other kid in a chokehold and ran away when the teacher caught him. This is splendid gossip fodder for us as we all speculate how many birch twig thrashings he'll get, or whether he'll get suspended, or suspended by his trousers over the lunch break. Personally I vote for 4 hours of lines every evening after school.
And in the afternoon, I elected to go upstairs and read. While this might seem like a breakthrough, the book is a Minecraft one so no leopardy spots have really changed. It gave me a quandary at bedtime when I only had 1 Minecraft book left before being forced to go back to the Narnia series, and nobody likes a quandary just before bedtime.

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