Monday, 16 January 2017

Marche! Mallow

dementia alzheimers disease forgetfulnessFirst up: this is a plastic bag that Jof found on a park bench, where someone had got up and forgotten to take it with them. How ironic, of all the old bags linked to forgetfulness.
Anyway, school was normal but with an added piquant flavour of Lego. Winning the Regional finals was all very well but now that we're on to the Nationals, we're up against the big boys and have to raise our game. Looking at the winning scores from all the other Regionals, our 88 is definitely in the upper top half but does not compare to the winning 160. We set to work adding mini-missions to our existing circuits. Paige was the programmer and I, as Chief Prototype Design Engineer, built a new tool to manipulate point-scoring materials and try to get us in the top 10 finalists.
scouting activity making plane models
And I also found that my walking-to-school friend did not know what a facepalm is, and that Sham has the same coat as me. I wore my new coat in today and it is my marshmallow coat, big and puffy and a stalwart defender against all weathers. We are the Marshmallow Brothers.
In Scouts we did a quiz about countries and flags and the Scout Leader was surprised that only one person knew about the Manneken Pis statue in Brussels. Then we started some Airfix models of warplanes: I got the Douglas Skyhawk and cut my finger on the knife, and had to go in the accident book. We were using glue and every boy sniffs but that's as far as it went.

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