Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Digby the Dogby

hipster teacher call me by my first nameGot up at a much more sensible time today and still managed to be ready with plenty of tablet-time to spare.
Today they switched around the order of our PPA session which may not sound like much to you, but it means we finish the day with an uplifting game in PE instead of drudging it to a soporific standstill in French, bleah.
lego robot obstacle coursegrade 2 haircut mohicanAnd we found out that the whole Lego Robot Builders team will be going (by bus) to the regional finals so Bud brought in a black foam-lined tray-box (visible at the far end of the table) from his old work to safely carry the Lego Drone and animals by public transport to the finals venue.
In Computing, 2 members of our team spent the whole lesson giving the animals names beginning with D, such as Digby the Dog, which earned them a shouting from the teacher.
And in Literacy we decided to send the word 'said' to Coventry, or at least into the wilderness of wailing and gnashing of teeth, because it gets so boring when you get a conversation in a book with he said she said he said. Now we have to use other words like shouted, exclaimed, blarted, whispered and stuff.
Of late, I have been growing my hair. Not necessarily through choice, but I have allowed it to propagate to help protect my ears from the chills of winter. I have come to love my sideboards, and plan to grow a beard when I am older, like the owner of the bike shop down the road, and so many other hipster chapsters nowadays. But today I had my hippy tresses removed, lucky I stole Bud's hat this morning. Yes, I'm still a nutter.

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