Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Revenge of Hairybone

minecraft fan-fiction herobrine's revengeA much better start to the day with an invitation to go to the supermarket and get myself breakfast (macaroni cheese with garlic bread) while reading my latest Minecraft fan-fiction novelette, with Hero-Brian.
And we only had to wait for an hour until Jof was ready to come with us and I finished my book just as Bud finished the shopping. Then Jof did her shopping and I met my Scout Leader who had already 'liked' my photo of the beach cleaning party yesterday, and we met Mad Rosie too. And that was it for activity apart from spending hours creating Parkour challenges in Minecraft and waiting for somebody to 'like' them. Nobody did, even though I go around 'liking' all the Mine-challenges I play on. Who are all these ungrateful people? Children?

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