Monday, 30 January 2017

Too Fail to Big

A dreary and miserable day! It is lucky that I brighten the world just by being me.
brampton guardian headline funny failIn school we did some more Lego. In an ill-fated experiment to speed up our Lego Robot, we set the motor to 11 and it whizzed around. But it's supposed to perform tasks with the attachment (cunningly designed and built by me) and it slammed the grabber arm down with such force, the actual Lego broke, quite an achievement. I repaired it and we turned the motor down. I also made a non work-related Lego object and will take the camera in tomorrow to capture its likeness.
And because we are nearing our end-of-junior-school exams (SATs) we are doing mock examinations. Today we did English Comprehension with a 2-page passage and in-depth analysis of the text, and answers with evidence and so forth. They haven't been marked yet so I do not yet know if I am incomprehensible.
In Scouts I was a bit late and a Paramedic came to lecture us on saving lives. He taught us CPR: he said he did CPR on an old man and cracked one of his ribs, and if you shock them in the heart you only save 1 in 10 anyway.
church bells from the tower
And we all tried out CPR pumping and lung inflation on a dummy called Timmy. Timmy comes in a box called Little Annie, how posh. I guess being only a rubber dummy with slightly springy nipples, it can be a Timmy or an Annie depending on who's pumping it. Because I forgot to take my Little Scouting Book, I didn't get it signed off for my Paramedic badge, so I have to go to church parade on Sunday to get it signed there. Slightly against my religion, but what can you do.
And they've booked an hour's bellringing for a creative badge! This is in a church tower I've been to before - in fact, in the big picture at the top of the page I'm sitting in the bell room, looking down at the church from inside. That's where the Bell-Master sits so he knows when the priest has finished the service and they have to start ringing the bells. Look, there's me with the bells, from above.

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