Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sugar Coated Micebergs

sainsburys farlington in store cafeWell, we all got the sleep we needed and I got up at 1030. I had already voted to buy myself a new warm raincoat at the supermarket instead of at Marks and Spencers' yesterday, partly because I get on so well with their in-store café where I now order my own breakfast. In the car park there is a new signpost which reads your car numberplate as you go in and flashes it up on the screen to tell you that you're being watched. I like it because I can see my name up in lights.
We found the coat section in amongst the 17 sections devoted to womenswear and I said it's because women wear so many more clothes than us chaps. There was a choice of coats, one for 7-8 years and one for 13-14, and as this new garment has to go over my school jumper, the outsize one was chosen as I can grow into it. It's very big and warm and padded with a hood so I won't get a wet neck like last Thursday. After macaroni and cheese with garlic bread, I helped at the checkout and the till lady remembered me from when I was a little person sitting in the trolley. The rest of the day was my own and I filled it with Youtube and Minecraft, as is my way.

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