Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Detention Cordiale

grocers apostrophe on official signpost failThe Head-Teacher called a pressing conference with us all today. Shortly, us Year Sixes will all be going up to Secondary School, because we don't have the keep-you-back-a-year option that they have in other countries. But, he said, our behaviour is so appalling that were we to be in that school now, we would all be in Detention every day. Thus, he has elected to start training us to be better people by detaining us now. Apparently the secondary school I have chosen (but not yet been accepted for) is really strict and you regularly get an hours' Detention after school writing lines.
So, we have a new regime (Year 6 only, may be rolled out to other Year Groups depending on success rate) with the old Yellow Card/Red Card system. A minor transgression such as tardiness or laziness will earn you a Yellow, two Yellows or a gross misconduct such as shouting at a teacher will earn you a Red.
invasion overworld confronting dragon battle nether gameknight999A Red will get you a missed lunch break where you have to sit with a teacher in silence and eat but not play. Three Reds in a fortnight gets you a parental phone call and two [3 Reds-in-a-fortnight] gets you a Saturday in Detention. At home, my current owners have mixed views about discipline, one favours 'talking about it' and 'negotiation', while the other is Bring Back The Cane. Both may be mildly pleased by this new, if complicated, detention system, stricter than it was before. About 6 members of my class already have Yellows.
And the Head-Teacher says we can pop back next year and visit if we miss the old Alma Mater.
Anyway, last Saturday I bought some Minecraft Fan-Fiction books which I look forward to reading. But to my dismay, they were books 2 and 3 of the series so nice kind Jof got on Amazon and bought me #1, Invasion of the Overworld. Let the Crafting begin!

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