Thursday, 19 January 2017

See a Penny, pick your Nose

christmas walnuts failWell, a pretty normal day at school with a maths test and all the usual fun of the unfair.
Further notes to the new Detention regime: Yellow Cards dissolve after 1 day, so you'd have to try pretty hard to upgrade one to a Red. But somebody in another class got a Red today, and they don't dissolve until they've been worked off in Detention.
Some old bloke came to our school and talked about the war and about the Satan bomb which was very big and was dropped on Portsmouth and the kids having to wear gas masks for maths lessons and the baby-carrier gas mask where you put the baby in a box and pump air in.
On the way home I met Johnny at the Zebra Crossing. He is at big school now and I bet he hasn't been in detention. But he did say that he has actually had to do some work. I think his via canaliculata has recovered from the pounding it took at the Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre a couple of weeks ago.
Then I found a pound coin in the road. Perhaps now I can afford that brain augmentation operation my mental wellness case officer has been going on about.
Jof was brave and went to the gym which meant us chaps could eat pizza while watching TV, she was doing the hard work so we didn't have to.

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