Saturday, 14 January 2017


After my busy day yesterday and the fact that I was slightly under the weather and didn't even finish my pasta, I was looking forward to an easy day. Spoke to Grandad who determined that I could guess the compass direction to both Bristol and London. And I used a new Minecraft Mod in the Tinkers Construct stable called stickyweed or muddyfoot or something where you can jump around, and loved the way you can enchant a frying pan and give it, like, 1 million attack damage.
But we had to do the bottlebank walk and found that local T-shirt printers "Vintage Pig" could laminate my newspaper article from yesterday for £1.80, still more expensive than doing it at Bud's work, but that was then, this is now.
waterstones books commercial road portsmouthThen I went to acting. I was full of trepidation about a new group with new people at a higher level, possibly with no silliness whatsoever. The group was missing some people but it was 5 girls and me, gotta love those odds. This group is 11 - 14 so while at the moment the girls are just other people in my class, it may not always be that way. We acted out some scenes from The Wind in the Willocks and I played Moleman and a weasel but we don't audition properly until next week so we were just generic animals. It was the best lesson I've had all year, and my trepidation has gone. Another change is that we no longer have to say 'Oh Poo, dearie me, I must have got that wrong', we can say 'Well F**k that for a c**ting laugh you cockwombles' and it's just part of the lesson. Later we walked into town and I got 2 more Minecraft Fan-Fiction novelettes because the last ones were funny.
Even later I did my spelling homework and Mr Stupid-Head destroyed my efforts with such Angus Deayton-esque acid that I hiccupped and burped and nearly vomited with laughter. And I Minecrafted to the heady tunes of Dinosaurs of Rock II on Youtube, meanwhile Ben was the Pompey Mascot of the Day and got his picture taken with the team for his 11th birthday, why can't I have decent stuff for mine.

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