Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Colonic Interrogation

school project dick spelling funny failWell, the SAT test mocks just keep on coming. Today it was maths and maths with some arithmetic and a guest teacher from a local secondary school and a trainee teacher still at teacher school. But mostly it was maths.
The Lego League is not far away either and we worked hard on our missions. Like Mariner 1, a probe which crashed because of a missing minus sign in the code, one of our missions had stopped working.
After hours of code debug, we discovered that some helpful soul had changed a direction command from -5 to 6 but omitted the negative.
It would be just typical if on the day of the National Finals, our flagship Lego Robot (Flagbot?) set off, killed the pig, ejected both legs and fell over while singing the Peruvian national anthem because of some software glitch.
suspended circle minecraft blocksBecause I haven't built enough recently, I am also working on a Minecraft Space Station with magic portals to a wooded environment below. This has a circular frame reminiscent of Star Trek: DS9 or the Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Perhaps there is a hidden meaning behind the appearance of a colon in both titles. Or not.
Then we rediscovered the leftover Cadburys chocolate selection boxes from the Scouts Xmas presents hidden in the garage. Hooray!

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