Saturday, 11 February 2017


Excellent. Up last again and fortified myself with scrambled eggs. There is a game out there in real-world-cyber-land called 'Spore', and I want it. You can build yourself a wiggie of any shape, kingdom, phyla, class, order, family, genus and species and evolve it and have adventures. It's only £8 but I can't get it on my X-box 1 so it'd mean clogging up the PC for even more hours than I already spend on it Minecrafting.
groundlings theatre drama school actorBut then I went to Acting and I now have 5 parts in the Under Milk Wood play. I may not have quite as many lines as text-hog Sydney, but on 2 separate occasions, I have to have a conversation with myself, being a total of 4 characters. I have a little trouble switching between accents which have not previously been a strong talent of mine, but I did get commended for having a 'jumpy' voice ie able to jump between tones and pitches with the greatest of ease, like those magnificent men in their flying machines. Outside there was that special snow again, definitely snow not rain, but unlikely to sit, accumulate, or drift anywhere.
Because it is Saturday, Jof demanded cake and maybe ate too much and had to sit quietly on the sofa which gave me Mine-time, and Bud coin-time. So we listened to the end of Elton John Live in Australia with the big orchestra and Cross Canadian Ragweed playing a dance hall in Tulsa with some rude words and tried out the Beatles with their Magical Mystery Tour. They had too much headache medicine when they wrote that, if you ask me, while he polished Belgium and Yugoslavia.
Saturday Night is Film Night. So today we got 'Final Destination' from a charity shop, having passed up the chance of £20 worth of random assorted Lego because I'm past that now. The film was heavy on portents and trippy suggestiveness and the shadow of death himself waiting behind every breezy curtain. Yes, it was creepy. But before long, I was volubly predicting the future mode d'emploi and method of demise and modus operandi and it was all rather fun. Then it was milk and bed, but I'm still 11, what more can I ask.

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