Sunday, 19 February 2017

Some Lead in Your Pencil

kids room clearout felt tip pensWell, it was open day at Jof's Gym and swimming pool so we planned to go. But you aren't allowed to use the gym until you're 16 and the pool is just a small one with no redeeming features and a surfeit of grannies, so instead I tidied my room. Voluntarily.
Mine is a big room and it's not as if it's full of rubbish because we do ongoing clear-ups anyway, so I ditched a few books, some kiddie-style light sabres, a load of coloured pens, half a bag of clay and some short pencils. At least the short pencils went into the fireplace for the annual christmas burn, because every year we keep all the bottle-corks and coconut shells and other woody trifles for midwinter disposal. And that was it, despite the fact that all my mates were probably playing in parks or having country walks or doing something worthy outdoors. Those Youtube videos aren't going to watch themselves, you know.
Later I looked at my script for 'Wind in the Willows'. I have 4 lines. 4.

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