Sunday, 5 February 2017

Wine and Biscuits

Well blow me, they got me up early, and I really didn't want to. If you forget your Little Scouting Book of Scouting Requirements, the bit where the responsible adult signs to say you've earned a badge can't be filled in, so I had to go to church to meet the paramedic to get my life-saver badge.
scout emergency aid badgeJof took me and I had convinced myself I could just meet the guy and run away again without having to praise madly and raise my voice to the heavens in religious exultation. And on the Facebook invite it said 0900 so we got there 15 minutes early and nobody else turned up until 25 past so we stood there like lemons for ages.
By then I was not in a good mood and when the line of grannies stood there with their carbolic perfumery, I was good to go, and stuff the badge. But the nice Scout leaders worked their wondrous magic in getting me out of angry mode and I got to carry the flag!
wilkos lego pick and mixThe service wasn't bad actually as long as you remember the basic underpinning tenets are pretend, and even Jof enjoyed the teamwork-camaraderie aspect, although we didn't know when to stand up or sit down so we crouched a bit and did what everyone else was doing. We forgot to take money for the collecting bucket and there was a sermon about salt, and how a little bit makes your meal better, but adding too much makes it horrible again. And I got my badge book signed.
Later, Jof invented a new punishment for when I've been sulky or argumentative, it's to go and help her do boring stuff, and any further arguments get extra boring duties. So I accompanied her into town to buy stuff for the Red Nose Day event at her workplace. I got to fill buckets with Lego and spend the rest of the day on Minecraft so it's not so bad.

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