Saturday, 18 February 2017

A Portly Tadpole

pound coins being phased outWoken up abruptly at 1030, something about having to have breakfast. The panic-newspapers said that we have to get rid of all our pound coins by October because otherwise they will be withdrawn and we'll all starve.
So we had a look in all our swimming bags and down the back of the sofa and stuff, and found 125 of them. I have a golden halo, which proves I'm a god, hoho. In acting we watched 'Jack Frost', a puppet-show done by 3 girls with big painted eyes, fairly freaky.
Then all 2 of us went through our lines of Under Milk Wood which is full of hallucinations and is quite child-unsuitable if you actually read it. They said I should be Toad's kid which is technically a tadpole, I looked quite amphibian-sperm-like in my zipped-up green hoodie. I play 'Portly' as well as lots of other bits, and I have been given my script for Wind in the Willows and it's huge and I applied for my child performers licence and we had lunch at 430. Later, I mostly did very little while The Dynosaurs Of Rox CD (with multifarious musical interludes from artists living and deceased) was burnt onto 2 new CDs for in-car entertainment while I had sausages for supper.
yachts in solent

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