Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Fear and Loofahs in Las Vegas

dentist jokeSchool as normal. There is a new lunch-time Karate class, but I don't want to do it. I prefer fist-to-fist combat, apparently.
Anyway, it's now 8 weeks until the dreaded SAT tests, which will determine what selection of classes I go into next year at my new school.
And it's one more day until I find out what school I'll be going to. What a whole bunch of future-related trousers-of-time decisions. Will a new universe be created every time a choice is made, or is that just something made up by cosmologists to get tenure and free lunches in the canteen?
Also, Bud may get a job with the government, but probably not Prime Minister.
Yesterday at Scouts during the 'Saluting the Flag' bit, Child A thought it would be funny to do the special salute recently made famous by a well-known German gentleman. I suppose as long as next week, we do the Black Power salute, then the Mr Spock salute, then the Double Rimmer, then a 21-gun salute....

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