Wednesday, 22 February 2017

HorrorZone! HorrorZone!

local man paralysed after eating 413 chicken nuggetsRight in the middle of half-term (half-half?) so planned swimming. Known accomplice "Robert" asked to come which made it twice as good.
Sadly the whole world was at Havant Leisure Centre and the pool was packed so we went for a trip down memory lane to 'Horizones' the child-friendly sweatbox next door. This is where I broke my first bone and had birthday parties and none of us Puddlers are strangers to its ball-pits, padded walls and long bouncy slides that make your pants go up your bum.
This time we had to make do with Jof chasing us and fast-tracking through rope mazes with tight corners and sudden drops is not her speciality. But she battled on until her knees gave way and was accosted by numerous unaccompanied children who see her as a Mummy figure, because she just can't help being helpful. We got an hour of hardcore softplay.
soft play area for birthday parties havant
Later, the pool was emptier so we went in there too but 40 minutes was pretty well it for our attention span and we decamped for chippy comestibles upstairs. Amazingly, the sausages and chips had got cold between the adjacent kitchen and our plates but we ate the cheap fare anyway.
Then it was back to Bobs and a relaxed afternoon on the sofa.

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