Thursday, 23 February 2017

Underage Welsh Bird (5) ............. Mynah

car driving with snow on roof
Despite the fact that it's half term and Jof is on holiday to look after me, I spent another 7 hours in theatrical childcare, along with 99 others (the fabled 99 problems).
Actually, I don't mind as it's my chosen profession and ultimate destiny. And by the age of 11, I'm sure that everyone who has already chosen a profession will indeed go on to make a successful career in that field.
So, Jof took me in and we did a proper hour of warm-up with songs and dances and warbling and ululation. Our singing tutor was there and she is very into wide mouths so we had to stick 3 fingers in our mouths and do the woomba woomba song from the Lion King and my jaw cracked like a gunshot and I was worried that I'd broken a tooth but it was just my flip-top head activating and now I can sing with 4 fingers shoved in my gob, eat your heart out Y2.KY Jelly (the lubricant that allows you to insert 4 digits instead of the usual 2).
Child B was even naughtier than before and very gobby and he is now on 2/3 of his 3 strikes-and-you're-out so let's hope he is out sooner rather than later.
2 days ago another wartime bomb was discovered just around the corner from the theatre which caused evacuation (of both houses and bowels) and traffic issues. Today we had extra weather from Storm Boris-and-Doris which brought woo-ooo noises and rattling windows during our lunch break: our own dedicated weatherbomb combo. By the afternoon it had passed.
solent afternoon winter storms southsea seafront
And we made up dance moves based on swimming warm-up actions and attacked each other with imaginary Tasers and sang songs and it was another long hard day.
So here is a picture of my Airfix Warplane (sitting on a first World War 6-pounder shell casing) that I painted for Scouts half-term homework. It is a resilient crate that has completed millions of missions and been sold down the line through various air forces and is now in camouflage mode with an extra bomb on the top.
camouflaged fighter jet plane mofifiedThis breakthrough in cloaking-technology-enabled aggressive aircraft design is for when the enemy gravity well is above you, or you're hiding your last bomb and then you turn upside down to release it!
Incidentally, I am also a successful Lego designer and will be competing in the National League Finals on Sunday. Watch me romp home here, on Youtube.

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