Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Not-Valentines Friendship Disco-a-Rama

danger this will kill you signYet another mini-milestone (metre-stone?) in my life: the final Valentine's Disco at this school.
Of course, you can't call it the Valentine's Disco in case a rival minor deity or historical character that didn't get their own special day or niche religion or whatever it is takes offence, or perhaps they're trying to remove the amatory pressures, expectations or threat of growing up from those who are still too young.
orange squash school valentines discoSo anyway, because Jof is a school helper, she turned up really early and I met her and became a deputy helper, again.
meon junior school milton portsmouthDebonair Dude 'Ben' latched onto us while waiting for his helper-Mummy to arrive and that suited us just fine. Jof said we should get extra House Points for being so helpful. I acted as Bartender for the Years 3+4 Junior disco and got my own chair behind the drinks trolley. We haven't really got to the stage of secretly adding undiluted orange squash to the punch cauldron.
In the bit between discos I swept up all the detritus with 2 giant brooms and deposited my mess into Lucy's waiting dustpan.
During the senior noisefest I did square-dancing to Cotton Eye Jo with Okely-Dokely until he realized what we were doing and ran away, and we played tag instead. Crunchygirl vomited in the playground and we brought home 78 unused cheese sandwiches, gosh there'll be some fat ducklings this springtime. At home Jof and I had tired feet.

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