Monday, 27 February 2017

Virtual Zombies

kid on toboggan in frozen city centreWoke up as usual, was nearly ready to go when Jof noticed I was walking like a zombie, lights on but nobody home. She let me go back to bed, which I did. Then she told me to take my school uniform off and I did that too.
That gave me a good extra hour's sleep and that made all the difference. I was in work by 10 something, early enough to get maths and half an hour on the Virtual Reality machines (a box with an iPad stuck in it). The teacher could see where our eyes were looking on her screen so she took us round all manner of historical scenes and we went in a volcano and all the other stuff that you do in VR when you don't have access to special films.
stripy curtains boys bedroomOur parents have decided to re-invent Wednesday Park as 'Monday Park' with a twist - we do it ourselves. So, Ben came home with me to get changed and we met someone in the park so it took us 40 minutes to get home and then it took us 40 minutes to get changed because of loitering and not getting off our botties so by the time we got to the park, poor old Robert had given up and gone home.
This rolled on with consequences for BensMum and I'd forgotten to take the keys so we all stood outside in the cold waiting for Bud to come home, hoping that Robert would forgive us one day.
We'll do better next time. Still, we did have time for X-Boxing while the parents did the Park autopsy.
In Scouts we were told about the next Survival Camp in Africa, or was it the Jamboree. Anyway, you need £4,500 so I'm going to have to sell a lot of cakes.

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