Thursday, 16 February 2017

Impolite Society

Gosh, school is so normal. Maths, English testing, will it never end? But at least there was one funny bit. We are getting ready to write our 'Reminiscences' of life in the second world war, being evacuated as kids caught up in a conflict not of our making. And of course, to make our account more realistic and authentic, we wrote it on antique paper. Well, we made some of our own, ancient scrolls being in short supply nowadays. We got some normal paper and daubed it with wet teabags to give it that mildewy patina, like those clever art forgers selling copies of Jesus's original will.
So for a while, the whole class was teabagging frantically, quite a sight. And I found out that Nanna had written her 'Reminiscences' of when she was actually a child being evacuated in the actual war.
highway sign windows operating system failAt home I proved again that I have Trumpeting Bottom Syndrome (anal inventive), just right for the impolite society of which I am a part. During one lesson we were talking about poison gas precautions during the war and Child A farted super-loudly just when the teacher was walking past him. Even she giggled, but she still sent him out.

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