Friday, 10 February 2017

Two and one Half Snowflakes, Please

motorcycle against lamp post RTA crash
lego bricks danish land minesToday was mostly a day of maths and cold temperatures outside, and in the hearts of the math test examining body. Apparently approximately 2 1/2 snowflakes were detected in little-known made-up settlement "Segensworth", but we didn't see any.
I am in the Lego Team. This is a good thing, for our inferior and insignificant enemies are crushed underfoot by our advancing armies, although they all wear safety shoes because it is Lego we're talking about after all. But I do miss out on the odd bit of coursework, like this week's spelling words. In the test, on words we'd never seen before (honest), I got 0/10.
In eNglish, weev done our leter to the hedteacher about the streeet party and the barstadizashun of the Littal red rhyding hood story and the sqishing down a neuspaper artikle to fit in a tweat of 140 caricters, so now we dun a battel of Brittan dyery entry. I rote about being a Hurrycain pilate in a doggfight over the inglish channal and my plain got shot dahn and i went in the warter, phuket.
In Gardanning we made ower byrd feedahs and I droo grape veins and sentypeeds on it.

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