Wednesday, 15 February 2017


white freak dogs thin facesWell, a mixed day with all sorts.
Child A kept calling me Max-Diarrhoea so I grabbed his arm, looked him in the eye and threatened him à la Vinnie Jones in Lock, Stock and the Sale of the FFCentury. My acting skills were effective!
Child B claimed she didn't know what fish fingers were but privately I dispute this position, the teacher said nobody's that posh.
In English Reading I was one of the Mentors and had a pupil all of my own to encourage to speak English as great as what I do.
But in PE the playground was being rained on. Normally we'd just go into the assembly hall but it was being prepared for Teacher-Parent day: we couldn't even run up and down the stairs for half an hour (and that is what I would choose to do, honest) so we had to go into our classroom and talk about maths! In PE!
upside down boy on comfy chairAt home Grandad phoned me and we talked about everything for 25 minutes which kept the short one happy and Grandad too. And I had 3 yogurts and a custard for snack-time, that amount of Calcium just has to be worth an extra inch on measuring day.
At Teacher-Parent day I got a quite-good-actually with 2 special targets. One is the centuries-old one which is check your work for silly mistakes, just in case you've put 'I ate 10000 cows' instead of 0.0001 cows, and to learn the pointless names of things like psychoactive pseudo-transient subjunctive santa-clauses, because the SATs insist you have to know them. For supper Jof made us meatballs with 3 kinds of pasta. Now that just has to be worth an extra pound on weighing day.

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