Monday, 20 February 2017

A Strung-out Jury

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First day of half-term: so I spent 7 hours of it working. I am in the next production at my theatre and play the role of Portly. Previously I thought I only had 4 lines but discovered that I'd missed one, and the whole cast is in the pivotal jury scene where Toad is convicted of gross toadery, and at that point we all have another 8 or so lines.
So we gathered at the theatre at 10am and boy was it packed. Because there are kids involved, we have to have 4 or so groups of the minor characters so green group play one performance, blue group play the next day etc, so nobody has to do too much.
That meant there were about 100 actors all doing an hour's warm-up and queuing for costume measuring and Child B is back (he was ditched a couple of years ago for being disruptive) and he's even worse and gosh it was a big long tough day.
During her copious free time, Jof likes to go swimming or gymming and that's where she was when her car broke down. Cue a Trump-style twitterstorm of frantic text messaging to get me picked up and her back home safely. In the end Bud got to me before I'd finished and Jof was escorted home by the rescue wagon and they'll fix the malfunctioning spark plugs tomorrow.

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