Sunday, 12 February 2017


I like weekends, can I have more of them please. Settled down for the long haul on Youtube but then Jof's phone was playing up and she demanded I accompany her to Giant Tesco to get it fixed, and to get me out of the house. After a while I got bored and walked home without her.
EA games spore But then Bud bought me 'Spore' which is quite an old game now but only costs £8 as long as you've got 4 Gig free on your hard drive to install it. You are a spore of some kind of generic basal lifeform trapped in a comet shower, along the Panspermia route. You get to choose a type of planet to land on and then you emerge from your spore and start eating. Mine is a watery planet much like the one I've called home for a decade, and I landed in the ocean and chose to be a carnivore and started eating wiggies and single-celled organisms. Pretty soon I was having sex and I gradually evolved and grew. I have named the planet Mungletonia and I have named my personal beastie a 'Jabberwookie'. I am now a fearsome land-based creature with a symmetrical body plan, a scorpion-like rear appendage and a hankering for meat.

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