Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Cupid, Stupid

emu ostrich in the back of a car failYet more maths tests. Yet more English comprehension tests. In fact, we're practically Yetis.
Yet more talking in class from Child A. He got his 3rd Red Card which qualifies him for a parental phone call - another couple and he'll get some days off! But he did get my Ex a rose for Valentine's day, at least he made the effort. By now, most of the class are somebody's Ex. Some people have split up and got back together and split up again, maybe they're Zs, or at least Ys. The cream of the crop of Valentine cards go to the teachers. I bet every year they think to themselves "Well, last year was tempting but this year I think I'll really leave hubby for this 11 year-old that picks his nose and leaves it on the underside of the desk". Everyone knows it's not until secondary school that this sort of thing becomes a reality. Apparently.
nikon coolpix cameras comparisonJof picked me up from school. This is not because I need an armed escort or a chaperone on such an amorously auspicious day, but because I wanted to show her the Lego Robots. She was duly impressed with their size and complexity. The Institute of Engineering and Technology will be live-streaming the event on their Facebook page, but the Team and I will be there! As, you know, we're legendary winners and all that.
Possibly because of this a new camera arrived in the post which is newer, better and does even zoomier zooms than the last one so we can all look forward to some epic photography. As long as we remember to take the right one, er.
Later we played Totopoly to try and recreate the game where all the horses died. They shoot horses, don't they?

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