Friday, 3 February 2017

Sssh! Don't you know there's a War on?

summer by the lake sandy crevicesAt last, the Second World War came back to haunt us. Fortunately, we were prepared: and prepared Beef Stew au Ration.
Split into teams, we were given a potato (always say this in an Irish accent), a carrot (large) and we followed the recipe and chopped them up into a saucepan with water. The recipe said half a green stock cube but we put all of it in. The meat was corned beef which was authentic but also meant we didn't have to cook meat on school premises. The stew (not Disco Stu) was lumpy so we stabbed it with our steely knives and that put a hole in the bottom of the pot but at the end I reckon our Stew Rationale was the best, primarily because of the whole added stock cube. For all this we were in our Evacuee costumes. Nice people from Fort Nelson (the Cannon Museum) visited us and brought replicas of authentic toys-of-the-times such as the kicking man on the rope, and the spinning top on the string. Lego was missing, as were Samsung Galaxy 4G devices and i-Anythings.
Later I watched Youtube videos of a 'Tuber' driving a cyber-car over a cyber-bridge and crashing repeatedly. This was sufficient entertainment to make me A) wet myself laughing and B) get sent to my room for disturbing the peace.

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