Friday, 17 February 2017

Skyclad Custom Cuties

death to children bouncy ballWell, today was a small watershed in the rippling tides of man in that it was half-term. I got in late - well almost - because Lucy's Dad accosted me outside and cadged a lift to the Festival of Lego next week. This is fine as my official biographer-photographers will be going anyway.
After this delay I made it into the spelling test by the epidermis of my pearly whites and got 10/10, so there. Speaking of which, my Lego-related article made it into the school newsletter so I got a by-line and self-portrait once more.
We had our last PE lesson of the 1/2 term. This may not sound particularly valuable for all but the most porkily obese student, but it was the last PE-Dance lesson in which we were supposed to emulate Mr Michael Jackson and his leprotic Zombie posse in 'Thriller'. There are only so many extremities you can lose in the prosecution of this dance, and I believe we have lost quite enough over the last few weeks, thank you. Apparently next term it will be 'Street Dance': let's hope it's Electric Avenue.
2 schoolboys on a bed playing gamesAfter school Sham came round and we played tablet games together: our playdates are so normal and trustworthy and standardized that we will only get busted when we are 15 and we phone home collect from Prague saying the nice strip club owner says we owe $15,000 for lapdances and can we have our passports back please.
On the subject of Lego, I have invented "Custom Cuties", adult companion-bots you can custom-build from cunningly moulded off-the-shelf parts, like Lego Heroes for grown-ups. Then, following my enormous Lottery win, I shall sail off into the sunset with the 7 or 8 Cutie-Bots that are right for me on a ship named "Avast Improvement" and yeah, whatever.

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