Monday, 13 February 2017

Gluing open the Doors of Perception

spelling error on literacy sign failIn school we did a 'Warm-up' which was 30 questions on a set text. Warm up? More like slow down.
The Lego Robotics Team had a full session all together: we only have 3 days left before all the Lego Robots are packed away for transportation to the Great National Inquisition so it's getting a little fraught.
scout uniform book of scouting reqrementsWe played a game where dictators sat one side of a fence and dictated instructions to us builders the other side, to see if I could make an identical copy of their example piece, following only their description. I am chief builder, nice to have a proper job. We all have a job title and little vetted script in case the BBC or the Times Newspaper or the New Scientist magazine want an interview, and who wouldn't, we're such stars. Titles are: Fun (mostly about the Robot's name), Strategy (mission priorities), Design Process Engineer (choosing most efficient claw), Mechanical Design Engineer (me, lightweight combat chassis with 6 attachments), Programming (CAD on laptop), Innovation (claw appreciation) and Trial Run (fridge mission demo).
plastic aircraft gluing painting scouts projectIn the afternoon I practised my Under Milk Wood lines, evolved my Spore Jabber-Wookie, and went to Scouts, but not before I'd elected not to buy a Valentine's card for the one that deserves it.
They had been using the free noticeboard from Bud's old work to play a game in which Blue was crap apparently, and then we played a game (in our Patrols - Lion, Merlin etc. I am a Merlin) where you had to remember 20 random objects on a tray, not a conveyor belt.
We came top equal with 20 and the losers only got 19 so they'll have to make it a harder game next time. Then we continued making our Airfix model planes. My friend (who shall remain nameless, for I have forgotten) and I have the same planes so we added brutal accessories and played Bomb-London. Mine is called Bloodwing and has supra-chop-o-swords while his has grenade launchers. We have to finish painting them over half term, but somebody trod on Flynn's. Afterwards the room stank of glue, a most heady atmosphere for creative thinking.

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