Saturday, 25 February 2017

Pint of No Return

At 0600 I woke up knowing I was in the Lego League National Finals. So I leapt out of bed and banged a sleeping Bud on the bum and said hadn't we better get moving, it's 0606 and we're supposed to be at the school at 0615. That's tomorrow you Norbert, he said, crapsticks I said and slunk off to bed again.
flip out cosham party timeSo it was tough to wake me up at 0830 and he took me to acting for a 9am start.
Planned parts of the day:
Play rehearsals
'Film and TV acting' extra class at 10am
Swift lunch and Flip-out with the PuddleBoys
Quiet afternoon in preparation for tomorrow.
Bud absolved himself of responsibilities by going to yet another beer festival in Gosport and Jof did the shopping at Giant Tesco.
At the theatre I learned about Film and TV with the runner and the gaffer and the rest of the film crew. Gunwharf was set on fire and the road in front of us was full of emergency vehicles. In Flip-out we attacked generally and all fell down in the section with the suspended punchbag.

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